The Dog Holidays Guide to Dog Christmas Presents!

Whether you’re a new dog owner or you have had dogs all your life, I think we can all agree, we just cannot resist the urge to splurge on our pets!

Every year, Christmas gifts for dogs are becoming more and more popular and with endless choice and new retailers popping up all the time. It can be overwhelming deciding what to buy.

To help dog owners new and old this year, I have put together a few ideas on what I have previously bought for Ralph and what I am eyeing up this year. I get it; you want to reward your dog for being a good boy or girl whilst still ensuring they get gifts that are practical, fun and help their development. Well, without further ado, let me share what’s on my list this Christmas!


GPS Trackers for Dogs

Have a Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch? Love keeping on top of your fitness goals and steps? Did you know you can now do this with your dog too?! There are lots of options on the market. A GPS Tracker is great if you want a Christmas gift for your dog that allows you to support their fitness goals whilst keeping them safe. The tracker hooks onto their collar and synchronises with an app so it’s really handy if your dog has a tendency to run off on walks! PitPat is a good option, a friend has this for his two dogs and raves about it. Prices start from around £39.99.


In our house, we cannot get enough of these! Ralph loves them and so do I! A Kong is a rubber chew toy which can be filled with all sorts of treats that your dog has to work to extract. You can fill them with everyday bits from the fridge like yoghurt, fruit and meat and there are heaps of tasty recipes online if you want to put a bit more love into it! You can serve them straight up or, to make them last longer, pop them in the freezer (our preferred method). They are brilliant if you need to distract or settle your dog - if you are on the phone, heading off on a long car journey, leaving the dog home alone or even going to a nice dog friendly restaurant or bar. In addition to stimulating mental exercise and relieving boredom, they also clean the dog’s teeth and control plaque. Brilliant! They come in a range of sizes for puppies through to large dogs. Kong also have other products such as their tennis balls and play toys which are great if your dog has a tendency to destroy things easily! Kongs range in price from about £10.

Dog Food

The key to a dogs heart, treats of course! The Posh Pet Kitchen offer some incredible snacks and treats for your dogs. From full blown cakes to biscuits which are cut into the face of your dogs breed, they seriously have it all. The creators of The Posh Pet Kitchen have over 20 years experience working with animals and believe in creating tasty treats that are also healthy, natural, nutritious and varied. They have advent calendars, Christmas crackers and seasonal specials including Christmas gingerbread!

Christmas Dog Treats

Local to us we have the Dog Delhi. They trade at a local market and have the freshest and tastiest snacks ever. Ralph completely loves them and Catherine and her husband completely love Ralph so they are our go to! Throughout the year they also stock seasonal items like ice cream (just wow!). But for Christmas, you can order a beautiful hamper filled with delicious snacks for the good boy or girl in your life! They do training treats, long lasting yak chews, sows ears, just all sorts! Check them both out as they post nationally.

Hugo and Hudson

Winter jackets for Dogs

A good winter jacket or fleece is essential for dogs! Last year (first winter with Ralph) we had a horrendous time keeping him clean with all the mud. We bought him a Hugo & Hudson jacket - everyone adores them because they’re so stylish and cool, which cost about £50! These are essentially for going to the pub or walking around a market with your dog, not big, adventurous walks or running through the woods!

The Equafleece is a really popular option too and is more of an all occasions option The size chart is designed to work for all dogs and you ultimately get a snug, onesie style fleece. Easy on, easy off and easy to wash.  These are perfect for all manner of walks and the dog still looks stylish! Starting from about £30 for a toy dog size and upwards from there.

Dog beds

Some dogs love them. And then you have the naughty bunch, who just want to rip them to pieces! Over the last year we have tried a few options. Collared Creatures are famous for their beautiful cave beds. Ralph had one as a puppy and loved it so I would definitely get him one again. Beautiful material which compliments any home and so cosy and comfy. Prices are from £80 and very popular with larger breeds so I would advise to get one for a well-behaved dog that enjoys and appreciates their bed.

Another great option is Unique Dog Beds, a family run company in Wales. Their products ooze style, glamour and are tailored made, so your dog’s name can be embroidered on their beds, blankets, stuffed toys and cushions. Completely luxe! These are better suited to toy and smaller breeds. Make sure you check them out as they have a fabulous Instagram page showcasing all of their products. And did we mention, they have 75,000 followers so don’t just take our word for it!

Lastly, you don’t have to break the bank. If you haven’t already, try one of the Aldi beds, Ralph has had a couple of them and loved them. They start from about £15.99 and have amassed dedicated fan pages on Facebook. The doughnut ones are especially popular!

customised dog toys

Dog Accessories

There are some wonderful, independent businesses that do some really unique and one off pieces for dogs. Pooch Emporium is like haute couture for dogs! They do the most unbelievably stylish dog clobber you have ever seen. Seriously, the outfits they have designed are like something off a runway! You just have to check them out - perfect for toy dogs and small breeds.

BE Adventure is another up and coming brand to watch out for. They do bandanas, leads, bows, collars - all sorts! They have great choices and pride themselves on being affordable, which we like. The bows and bandanas are all reversible too, so you are really getting 2 for the price of 1!

Lastly, a little discovery we made last year was Hilary’s Hounds who are just adorable. A mother and daughter combo who do the cutest fleece and knitted products including onesies and our complete favourite, the snood! Check all of these suppliers out and support local!

Dog Friendly Holidays

Let’s face it. What dog doesn't want to feel sand between their paws and the sea breeze ruffling through their fur? A dog friendly holiday could be the gift of a lifetime and of course, one you can enjoy together and with all of the family! A luxury spa hotel and some pampering, a city break with some sightseeing, maybe a winter break to a cosy cottage with a log burner and hot tub. Head to our website for some inspiration and take your dog away somewhere they can enjoy new smells, walks and one on one time with you! Don’t forget to enquire today and book your perfect dog friendly holiday you will never forget!

Sian Humphreys
Author: Sian Humphreys