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At Dog Holidays UK, we're always looking for new partnerships which will benefit our guests. As a dedicated provider of dog friendly holidays, we have a growing audience of dog lovers so whether you're a dog friendly accommodation provider, a retailer or service provider within the dog industry, we'd love to hear from you!

How we can help you

Audience exposure

If you provide a service or product and want to expand your audience, we'd love to get you in front of ours.

Online sales

We support online businesses with boost opportunities for sales, through blog posts, display advertising or sponsorships.

Bespoke Plans

Choose your way of working with us and how we can flexibly plan a partnership built around your goals.

We're dog holiday experts

We have tonnes of experience in finding the right destination for a dog friendly holiday and when you look at the statistics, is easy to understand why. We're a nation of dog lovers and explorers. We love discovery and caring for our furry friends. We believe that going on holiday with your dog shouldn't be a hassle and they should always have the opportunity to travel with you, wherever you choose to go. That's why we're looking for new partnerships with owners and providers with the same principle.

  • The most popular travelling pets are dogs, and they make up 58% of pets travelling worldwide. 
  • 53% of travelers take holidays with their pets, so pet-friendly accommodation is a growing industry trend.
  • 52% of surveyed owners said that they only stay at pet-friendly properties.
  • A study of dog owners in the UK showed that 85% would rather a staycation in the UK with their pets than a holiday abroad without them.
  • Out of dog owners that travel for Christmas holidays, 5/6 dogs will go along too.

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